Directorate of Water resources & Improvement of River systems
Hydrographic Survey Section
  • Channel surveying and mapping
  • Surveying and technical suggestions for waterways of the cross river bridges
  • To provide technical suggestions from river engineering points of views at construction of cross river bridges.
River Engineering Section
  • Construction of river training structures to achieve adequate water depth
  • River bank protections
  • River training and bank stabilization for the long term existence of the cross river bridges.
  • Bank protection of Border Rivers.
  • To utilize the river water for agriculture all the year round.
Dredging Section
  • Dredging in river constraints
  • Bend cutting for improvement of waterways and erosion protection
  • Dredging to improve approach channel for pump irrigation
  • Dredging for new navigation channel
Navigation Section
  • Provision of navigation aids.
  • Promulgation of navigation warning
  • Snag removing
  • Monitoring and marking of approach channels for the cross river bridges according to seasonal changes.
  • Administration of Twantay canal navigation.
Hydrological Research and Planning Department
  • Establish the data banks to support the river training works.
  • Predict the Least Available Depth along the inland rivers
  • Execution of research for the river training activities
  • Monitor the environmental impact by the changes of water quantity and quality
  • Develop the yearly, monthly and daily water level hydrographic envelopes